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Nov 19, 2012 3:00pm PST
is show great respect to black and brown people. it's not a quick fix. let's just slap marco rubio on the front of the party. we put a brown face on those policies and let him say self-deportation? that will work? that's also not going to work. and this free stuff idea, which is exactly 47%, just said in a different way, it's been gop or conservative ideology for over ten years. you can look at "the wall street journal" talk about lucky duck i cans, ten years ago believing about makers and takers, which, of course, relates to the southern strategy that we will protect you -- >> and that's over ten years old nap goat back to lee atwater. >> to the '60s. we'll protect you from these black and brown people who want to take away from you, you know, via welfare, redistribution. >> abby, you know the party better than toure. >> not today i don't. >> is this a change in name only or are you seeing a real shift in the party? >> let me first say that i think karl rove and romney need to ride out into the sunset together. i think they've both been blackmailed by the party, which is not a sur
Nov 4, 2012 3:00pm PST
, and are sharon brown and elizabeth warren. so i've seen huge excitement all throughout the country and particularly in ohio and florida. and you are also seeing it nerms of the line in terms of voting. >> george, talking about the terms of lines, early voting, all of us have been in florida the day that early voting started. i deal with the nonpartisan operation lemon side. but you guys are there for that and partisan stuff. the obama campaign released its memo on early voting. the math is clear. our opponent is losing among early voters in nearly every public poll in every battle ground state, meaning that if the public polls are right, he would have to win 65% of the remaining votes in north carolina. 59% in iowa and colorado. 58% in nevada. 55% in florida and ohio. and 52% in virginia and wisconsin. even if you use the math in romney's budget, which doesn't add up, that is a lot that he is going to have to achieve, george. >> you are absolutely right. i think that at this point, the math is not going to add up just like the math in this proposed budget doesn't add up. i think th
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
, even to the point that at his death bed lee atwater apologized to the late brown for the strategy that they used. so they are in disarray. and we talked about this during the whole election return and that is that it's not about including the art of inclusion. you know, you can't get -- like newt gingrich said, five white guys get in a room, decide what they are going to do and their idea of outreach is to invite some black hispanic or woman in telling them what we've decided to do. that's not inclusion. >> no. >> that's not inclusion. >> not at all. nia-malika, though, there's a lot of finger pointing going on. what do you think? >> there is. as know said, there is a lot of finger pointing and this is a party in disarray. you saw over the last many years not only the southern strategy in play but a declining reliance, i think, on a realization that america is a diverse country. we saw a decline of 72%. there was a sign among republicans that this was still reagan's america. 88% of the share of the vote was white americans and that is just not the way that america looks right now.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)